Welcome to the Acceptance Journey!


Living with fibromyalgia is not easy at all.

How do you deal with it? 

Everything begins with awareness. 

You may be aware of your bodily pains (and other challenges that appear due to fibromyalgia), but do you intentionally accept the reality of fibromyalgia?

So when I say “accepting” fibromyalgia, I don’t mean a life of resignation to fibromyalgia.
Acceptance is simply letting go of fighting with the reality of your diagnosis (or lack thereof).

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Impatience, grief, frustration, and even feeling the absence of God (as well as MANY other factors) can be compounding struggles to accepting fibromyalgia in your life. 
Acceptance creates a passageway for your feet to get on the ground of REALITY as it is right…now.
It’s the humble approach to facing your illness. No stubbornness or complaining, but simply accepting reality as it is which gives you the strength to take responsibility for fibromyalgia and pain relief.
Come and join me in The Acceptance Journey!

You will learn different ways to manage pain and how to best accept the struggles that come with fibromyalgia so that we can move forward together in this journey towards a life of Joyful Acceptance.


Photo by Edwin Lucero @earthlylynx

Any poetry lovers? 

Songs of Freedom is a collection of my poems that delves into a period of my life that threatened my faith and trust in God. My body and mind seemed to be acting against me, but throughout the painful struggles, I rediscovered God’s unconditional love and relearned the value of the thorns in my journey as I continue reparent the wounded child in my soul.

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